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Water regulation in your body
anti-cellulite food supplement


Water regulation in your body
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Pomegranate provides a harmonious distribution of water in the body, reduces the sensation of heavy legs and helps fight against cellulite. Hydration by aquaporins. 


Box of 60 tablets

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HEXAPORINE® 5 allows for a better distribution of water in the body. HEXAPORINE® 5 protects the water channels (aquaporins) against any blockage thus helping the free passage of water. HEXAPORINE® 5 has the property of restoring water balance responsible for the hydration of our body, by restoring the expression of the aquaporins when these are altered by age and / or alternating successive hormonal cycles.


Box of 60 tablets
VIDAL referencing since 2008


  • Decrease the feeling of heavy legs.
  • Harmonize the silhouette by helping to eliminate the swelling associated with water stasis.
  • Help maintain a harmonized distribution of water during physical exertion, excessively high temperature, exposure to the sun and / or cold.
  • Improve the mechanisms of draining and elimination of metabolic waste
  • Reduce disorders of the gynecological sphere: water retention, tissue tension.
  • Avoid a related water imbalance: food disturbances (excessive alcoholic beverages, salty and / or sweet foods) and pressure variations: standing or prolonged sitting, traveling by plane


Did you know ? What are aquaporins ?

The average amount of water in an adult organism is 65%, which corresponds to about 45 liters of water for a 70 kg person. Water is therefore the main constituent of the human body. In health terms, the smooth running of this water management system is vital. This water is distributed in the cells of our tissues thanks to aquaporins.

Inserted into the membranes of our cells, small protein channels called aquaporins play an important role in the transport of water and glycerol, in the filtration, absorption and secretion of body fluids. Discovered in 2003 by Peter Agre, aquaporins are present in all living tissues and form a real hydraulic network dedicated to the harmonious distribution of water in our body. The role of aquaporins in the blood is considerable, not only in the maintenance of cell structure but also at the vascular level in the regulation of blood pressure. Aquaporins also play a role both at the renal and intestinal level. Indeed, some water transport disorders result in disturbances of the intestinal transit.

More than 450 proteins in the aquaporin family have been found in organisms such as bacteria, yeast, insects, plants and animals. To date, 13 aquaporins (AQ1 to AQ13) have been identified in humans. AQP1, AQP2, AQP4, AQP5, AQP6 and AQP8 are called strict aquaporines: they only carry water. AQP3, AQP7, AQP9 and AQP10 allow the selective passage of water and glycerol and other solutes, and are called aquaglyceroporines. During evolution, the conservation of the genes of the aquaporins makes it possible to explain the similarity of these genes between the plant world and the animal world.


The pomegranate, Punica granatum, is a plant that excels in the management of its water capital. Pomegranate is one of the few fruits rich in estrogen without affecting the management of its water supply and hydration. The multi-millennial mechanisms that allowed the pomegranate (Punica granatum) to adapt to its environment are due to a substance regulating the functioning of aquaporins, contained in the fleshy part of the fruit. This substance, a bioregulator patented under the name CAE™, is the essential component of the food supplement HEXAPORINE® 5.
In cell culture, CAE™ extract increases the expression of aquaporin AQP-2. The expression of AQP-2 by HEXAPORINE® 5 being independent of the hormonal pathway, it has no significant impact on the vasopressin receptors (Anti-Diuretic Hormone).  

HEXAPORINE® 5 can restore water homeostasis in people, whose body has lost its regulatory abilities because of age and / or alternating successive hormonal cycles. HEXAPORINE® 5 helps to restore the volume and adequate rate of cell water renewal, cellular hydration through the elimination of metabolic waste, better nutrition and better cellular communication.

Usage tips


2 to 4 tablets a day, taken orally preferably before the meal.
The duration of use depends on the individual physiological state: from a few weeks for a temporary phenomenon to several months in case of need.



HEXAPORINE® 5 is a dietary supplement containing the BIOMIMETIC REGULATOR®CAE™

Active Ingredient: Patented total extract of the epicarp (skin) of Punica granatum, CAE™, corresponding to the biological activity of a dry plant standard (equivalent to 5 mg dry extract).

Other ingredients: silicon dioxide*, microcrystalline cellulose, talc, magnesium stearate.

* The silicon dioxide used meets the quality requirements of European Directive (EU) 231/2012 and is certified OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) for organic use. 


  • In the current state of our knowledge, no adverse effects associated with food consumption of HEXAPORINE® 5 have been reported.
  • The non-homogeneous aspect of the tablets is related to the absence of additive dye in the manufacture, thus guaranteeing a 100% natural preparation.
  • This dietary supplement contains no gluten, preservatives or synthetic additives.
  • This food supplement is to be consumed as part of and should not replace a full, varied and balanced diet.
Très bon produit.
efficacité totale pour traiter de l'oedeme
Excellent produit que je peux moduler selon mes besoins. Je le recommande.
Complément alimentaire conseillé par mon médecin pour lutter contre de la rétention d'eau dans mes mains, visage et pieds en période de pré-ménopause.
une merveille. Non seulement mon problème est résolu mais j'ai eu l'agréable surprise de me voir dégonfler. Je me suis affinée, la qualité de ma peau s'est améliorée, elle est plus élastique. La cellulite disparait.
Mon medecin m'avait dit de faire une cure pendant 2 mois à raison de 2 comprimés par jour, afin de maintenir les résultats j'en prend 1 par jour le temps que passe cette période délicate.
Prix un peu élevé toutefois mais le résultat est bien là!
Complément alimentaire extraordinaire. problème de rétention d'eau résolu et en cadeau, j'ai fondu, ma cellulite a disparue, la qualité de ma peau s'est améliorée. Produit magique que je conseille vivement. Mon médecin m'avait conseillé 2 comprimés par jour pendant 2 mois. Afin de maintenir les résultats j'en prends désormais un par jour
Après une semaine d’utilisation je suis satisfaite je poursuit ma cure avec plaisirs
Pratique car il peut se casser si on ne peut pas bien avaler
tres cher
Recommandé par mon médecin, je ne peux plus m'en passer...
Très bon produit.
Il faut mesurer l'efficacité dans le temps, le produit semble cher
Il faut que j'attende les effets
Pas assez de recul
Je ne pourrais plus m'en passer...
bien, mais pris depuis peu j'attends de voir.
Je ne peux plus m'en passer... Je recommande vivement !
marie laure
très bon produits pour éliminer l'eau dans le corps ,en plus ce mois il y avait 50% sur le produit donc pas négligeable
très bien efficace
Je l'avais déjà utiliser il y à quelques années et j'en étais trés satisfaite ,je voulais refaire une cure car j'en éprouve le besoin.
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