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DNA-PKASE® Inhibat

Your DNA, our priority
genome alteration

DNA-PKASE® Inhibat

Your DNA, our priority
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Tahitian vanilla, Polynesian black gold, our genetic asset


- Repair and protects against the harmfuel effects of genotoxic substances

- Promotes homologous DNA repair

Box of 45 tablets

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52,00 €

DNA-PKASE® Inhibat, composed of Cinchona sp. and standard Vanilla tahitensis extract decreases the risk of MDR (M = Multi D = Drug, R = Resistance) and promotes the natural mechanism of cell removal with biologically non-conform genetic material, thus allowing the purification of the genomic heritage, the immune system.


Box of 45 tablets of 500 mg
VIDAL referencing since 2018



  • A programmed or random exposure to chemical substances, to ionizing radiation ...
  • To reduce the risk of appearance or replication of anarchic cells induced by genotoxic products.
  • Helps eliminate anarchic cells by inhibiting non-homologous repair.
  • Promotes the homologous restoration of DNA.
  • Prevents the processes of appearance or recurrence of anarchic cells.


Did you know ? What is MDR ?

The DNA of all eukaryotic cells is an extremely stable molecule that supports genetic information. During its replication or transcription, various events can affect its integrity. Physical or chemical agents can alter its structure. Thus, the cells can develop resistance in response to first exposure to therapeutic chemicals, or exposure to ionizing radiation. This resistance known as MDR (M = Multi D = Drug, R = Resistance), seems to be proportional to the duration of contact between the malignant cell and the repair inducer.

MDR is the expression of a characteristic mean of the cells to resist that defeat attempts at endogenous regulation (inside the body), as well as exogenous therapeutic means (outside the body). It results in excessive expression of a cell membrane protein already initiated. This protein works as a pump pushing extracellular space substances intended to act on the metabolism of anarchic cells.

Cells have many processes for conserving their genome, including homologous recombination and non-homologous recombination.

Homologous recombination is a repair pathway that covers all genetic information lost as a result of breakage. Non-homologous recombination is a repair pathway characterized by the absence of a homology search between the lost or damaged DNA strand and the newly reconstituted strand. This approximate repair is orchestrated by an enzymatic complex called DNA-protein kinase (DNA-PKcs). Non-homologous recombination is of particular interest for living beings, when the DNA of the cells has to be repaired or this molecule plays a non-dominant role (epithelial cells, red blood cells, etc.).


Our in vitro studies have made it possible to objectify the effects of Cinchona sp. combined with the standard extract of Vanilla tahitensis.

In fact, Cinchona sp. Powder, by inhibiting the operation of "pump proteins", makes it easier for repairing substances to reach the cytoplasm of the malignant cells and stay there longer. In vitro studies highlight the antimutagenic effects of the standard Vanilla tahitensis extract.

DNA-PKASE® Inhibat is a composition of plants and plant extracts intended to inhibit the non-homologous repair of DNA damage.

DNA-PKASE® Inhibat combines substances of great innocuousness in order to guide the repair of DNA to repair "ad integrum".

Usage tips


The metabolism of each individual being different, it is advisable to adapt the dosage.
2 to 4 tablets per day orally.
The duration of use depends on the needs, from a few weeks to several months.



DNA-PKASE® Inhibat is a dietary supplement of 100% natural origin based on Cinchona sp. and standard extract of Vanilla tahitensis.

Active Ingredients: One tablet of DNA-PKASE® Inhibat contains 25 mg of Cinchona sp. and 5 mg of Vanilla tahitensis standard fraction (equivalent to a standard of 50 mg of Vanilla tahitensis extract).

Technological aids: micro crystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide*, magnesium stearate, natural hydrated magnesium silicate.

* The silicon dioxide used meets the quality requirements of European Directive (EU) 231/2012 and is certified OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) for organic use. 


  • In the current state of our knowledge, no adverse effects associated with food intake of DNA-PKASE® Inhibat have been observed or reported.
  • The non-homogeneous color of the tablets is related to the absence of dyes in the production to guarantee a 100% natural origin preparation as well as the presence of vanilla seeds.
  • DNA-PKASE® Inhibat does not contain gluten.
  • This food supplement is to be consumed as part of and should not replace a full, varied and balanced diet.
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produit utilisé depuis peu sur mon chien cancéreux et prescrit par mon vétérinaire donc à voir avec le temps d'utilisation
et en bon état
Ce qui m intéresse c est le contenu et non le contenant.Je le prends depuis 2016 ,y a t il un resultat je peux pas repondre d une maniere sure.Le prix est trop élevé.
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J espère être agréablement surprise par la suite
Je trouve que il coute un peu chère
Juste un peu difficile à avaler . Adhère au palais
mon père (85 ans) prend DNA-PKASE depuis 2 mois. Il a retrouvé vitalité et forme, malgré un traitement par chimiothérapie.
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