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Amplifier of cellular activity
mood changing
sense of well-being


Amplifier of cellular activity
70,00 €

The synergestic action of thermoactive organic crystals and of the Flower of salt.


- Stimulates the synthesis of the β-endorphin

- Restores and retains the feeling of well-being and decreases depression state 


CYCLOTELIA® 60 tablets and CYCLOTELIA® 42 patches




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70,00 €

In synergy, CYCLOTELIA tablets® and CYCLOTELIA® Patch restore and maintain the sensation of well-being :

  • By improving the release of β-endorphin naturally dedicated to the management of well-being
  • Giving enough energy to cope with sources of overwork


CYCLOTELIA® Patch is a technological innovation for the induction of transcutaneous physical signals without externel input. CYCLOTELIA® Patch is a selective reflector containing thermoactive organic crystals. These interactive crystals are able to selectively recover a part of the infrared radiation naturally emitted by the skin and to restore it to the body. By restoring some of its own radiation to the body, CYCLOTELIA® Patch induces a cascade of physiological processes capable of amplifying systemic cellular activity.



Classification : Class I medical device
Box of 42 patches (21 Day Patches + 21 Night Patches)
Topical application



Box of 60 tablets 200 mg
VIDAL referencing since 2010



CYCLOTELIA® Patch works by returning 45% of skin infra-red in the body. Our studies have shown that CYCLOTELIA® Patch restores infrared radiation at about a wavelength of 900 nanometers, the optimal wavelength for cell stimulation.

A clinical study carried out in 2016 based on 60 people validated and quantified the interst of the combination of CYCLOTELIA® Tablets and CYCLOTELIA® Patch in the management of mild and moderate depression. This double-blind study compared the beneficial effects of CYCLOTELIA® Tablets with CYCLOTELIA® active Patch versus CYCLOTELIA® Tablets compared to CYCLOTELIA® placebo Patch over a 28-day period.



The combination CYCLOTELIA® Tablets and CYCLOTELIA® Patch is recommanded in all cases where one seeks to restore a physical and mental well-being. This association has proved its benefit in the management of the following sensations : sadness, pessimism, negative and excessive cogitation, dissatisfaction, guilt, sel-esteem, hyperemotivity, withdrawal, indecision, loss of performance at work, insomnia, fatigue, loss of appetite, low libido...

Did you know ? What is β-endorphin?

Endorphins and more particularly β-endorphin are neuropeptides produced by a complex metabolism and known for their important role in the sensation of pleasure and well-being.

The secretion of these opioid molecules (of cutaneous, intestinal or cerebral origin), constitutes a natural mechanism of fight against the pain and contributes to the sensation of well-being. Released in the circulation, β-endorphin has a systemic effect affecting the entire body. This secretion can be stimulated by several factors such as sport, temperature variations, mechanical pressure exerted on the skin (contact, massage ...). When its level increases sufficiently in the blood, β-endorphin gives the individual a quick and brief sensation of well-being. Various factors (aging, metabolic dysfunctions, degradation enzymes, etc.) reduce the synthesis and activity of β-endorphin. Usually β-endorphin disappears rapidly under the action of degradation enzymes hence the need to stabilize this molecule. In the skin, β-endorphin is protected from enzymatic degradation by a polysaccharide: heparan sulfate.




The "fleur de sel", flower of salt (Flos salis) comes from ecosystems in which live halophilic microalgae such as Diatoms like Cyclotella sp. which produce many mediators to communicate with each other.

In his book "Natural History", Pliny the Elder evokes for the first time the flower of salt (Flos salis): "This flower of salt produces a kind of oil as surprising as it may seem (Optimo ex eo, quod olei quamdam pinguitudinem reddit is enim etiam in dirty pinguitudo, quod miremu). There is fat even in salt! If he says. Pliny the Elder adds that it has no nutritive power but that it is relaxing, (relaxing), stimulating and can remedy the weariness (psychostimulant) "solvit in vino and aqua, acopis and smegmatis utilis" (Volume 31 of 37 volumes, chapter XLII).

Our studies have demonstrated what Pliny the Elder (died in 79 during the eruption of Vesuvius) had described in the first century of our era since the oily Flos salis extract, OESF™, induces the synthesis of β-endorphin. By enriching this extract, OESF™, with Padina pavonica extract, the synthesis of heparan sulfate is stimulated. Studies in cell culture also show that the expression of β-endorphin is preserved by the natural extract of Vanilla tahitensis. These results highlight a synergy between the natural extracts of f"leur de sel", Padina pavonica and Vanilla tahitensis allowing the protection and the availability of β-endorphin.

Usage tips


  • CYCLOTELIA® Patch intended exclusively for external use, should be applied on clean, dry, healthy, intact, low-pilosity skin, and on area where it will not experience any friction due to tight clothing.
  • Remove the protective foils from CYCLOTELIA® Patch to release the adhesive surface to fix the patch.
  • CYCLOTELIA® Patch should be placed on the skin following the indications of the anatomical diagrams below.
  • After removing the protective foils from CYCLOTELIA® Patch, firmly press this device from the center of the patch until the borders adhere properly.
  • In order to avoid any interference with the adhesive properties of the CYCLOTELIA® Patch, make-up, creams, lotions, powders or any other product for local use should not be applied to the skin where the patch will be placed.
  • Use a new CYCLOTELIA® Patch for 12 hours for each daily application.

For more efficiency of this interactive device, it is strongly recommended to regularly drink water  throughout the day.

The metabolism of individuals being variable, it is recommended to follow the protocol indicated by your doctor. If you are uncertain, consult your doctor or pharmacist. Your doctor will tell you how many CYCLOTELIA® Patch to use, where to apply it, for how long and the overall duration of the treatment. 



1 to 2 tablets twice a day (2 to 4 tablets a day):

  • Take 1 to 2 tablets in the morning 
  • Take 1 to 2 tablets, 6 to 8 hours later (in the middle of the afternoon)

The duration of use varies according to the needs of each person, from a few weeks to several months.



Active Ingredients : water, polysaccharides, organic crystals, amino acids, minerals.

Technological auxiliaries : the component ingredients of the patch are crystallized on a biocompatible polyester support.
The patch is covered with a waterproofing polymer surface. The crystals are activated during the manufacture of the patch by exposure to an electromagnetic field.
CYCLOTELIA® Patch is for single use and is active for a period of 12 hours.



CYCLOTELIA® is a dietary supplement containing the BIOMIMETIC REGULATOR®, OESF™.

Active ingredients : Total flower salt extract (Flos salis), OESF™, corresponding to a standard of 125 mg of fleur de sel, total extract of the alga Padina pavonica corresponding to a standard of 100 mg of dry plants, fraction of the standard extract of Vanilla tahitensis corresponding to a standard of 50 mg of Tahitian vanilla pods.

Technological aids : microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide*, magnesium stearate, hydrated natural magnesium silicate.

* The silicon dioxide used meets the quality requirements of European Directive (EU) 231/2012 and is certified OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) for organic use. 


  • The use of CYCLOTELIA® Patch during pregnancy is subject to the opinion of the referring physician/doctor. 
  • People suffering from allergic skin diseases (e.g. eczema) or following certain medical treatments cannot use CYCLOTELIA® Patch withut prior medical advice.
  • In the current state of our knowledge, no adverse effects associated with the consumption of CYCLOTELIA® Tablets have been reported.
  • The non-homogeneous color of the tablets is related to the absence of dye in the production process, to guarantee a 100% natural preparation, and to the presence of vanilla seeds.
  • The dietary supplement contains no metal, no sodium, no iodide, no gluten, no preservatives, no synthetic additives.
  • This food supplement is to be consumed as part of and should not replace a full, varied and balanced diet.
En début de traitement, difficile de donner un avis sur le produit, bien que des effets positifs se ressentent
Conforme à mes attente.
Traitement pas termine
Produit efficace mais à utiliser vraiment, pour ma part, sur une durée de 28 jours.
Extrèment efficace en cas de coup durs et de choc émotionnel vous ramenant ou vous amenant vers le bas. C'est un peu cher mais ça en vaut le coup, vraiment. Ces médications sont l'avenir, au delà des psychotropes et autres anxyalitiques addictifs traditionnels. Je recommande chaudement en complément de Cyclotélia.
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